Brass Lasagna Ribbon Crasher - No. 30
Brass Lasagna

Brass Lasagna Ribbon Crasher - No. 30

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Brass Lasagna Ribbon Crasher - No. 30

  • New Percussion Product.
  • Details & Notes: Local handmade percussion straight from Cincinnati. Crafted from recycled cymbals, hand hammered, and artfully sculpted into a truly raw instrument. The Ribbon Crasher No. 30 is a medium sized. multi layered crasher, with hand hammered plates. The instrument has a naturally trashy sound when loose and when tightened is quick with a "cha" like tone. Attached to a welded metal back with a mounted DW plate for easy mounting on any standard L-arm.
  • *New percussion products are on display in our showroom. Items may show fingerprints or stick marks from being occasionally tested and demoed with care*

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