The sounds of legendary cymbals of the 50s, 60s, and 70s

Bosphorus Vintage Tribute Ride Collection

We have a very special cymbal collection for you at Badges Drum Shop. 

First, the back story. A few months ago I had the pleasure of taking in on consignment a vintage 22" Old Stamp K Zildjian Ride. As it's considered the holy grail of cymbals, I gasped when I saw it and nearly cried when I played it. It was all I could do to sell it. I listed it for $2000 and one lucky drummer halfway across the world bought it right away, without blinking. As happy as I was for him and for the seller, it hurt to ship it off. That sound. Would I ever hear it again?

Well, I've been working on that. I wanted that vintage sound, not just for one drummer with $2000 to spare, but for every drummer with a quest for beautiful sound. Fortunately for me and for you, we have have access to the master cymbalsmiths at Bosphorus whose teachers manufactured the legendary cymbals of iconic decades of old.

I described the cymbal to our friends at Bosphorus and asked them to build a few cymbals in homage of the Old Stamp K that I had, and they were eager to turn vision into reality. I sent specs and sound files from that vintage K and some notes on classic variations and they got to work, making custom prototypes and sending sound files for feedback and adjustment and finally the perfected finished work.

So, they're here. This beautiful spread of cymbals hand crafted by Bosphorus and designed by Badges Drum Shop as an homage towards the legendary Turkish cymbals of the 50s, 60s, and 70s, the Badges Drum Shop Exclusive Bosphorus “Vintage Tribute” Collection is a very limited offering of five cymbals, each with a similar but distinct nod to sounds of vintage K’s. Each cymbal is hand made in Turkey by the master cymbalsmiths at Bosphorus who learned their craft from the Turkish masters of the past.

The collection includes the following handcrafted artisan cymbals:

22” Vintage Tribute Ride #1 - 2100g
Light, open, and wonderfully expressive, just like that perfect old cymbal one might find tucked away in a long forgotten attic. The 22” “Vintage Tribute Ride #1” features a classic woody “click” stick sound that is complimented by four rivets to create the perfect blend of stick sound and sizzling hot wash. This cymbal offers a perfect blend of both dark and bright tonal qualities with a velvety and light feel under the hand. The crash sound is explosive and massive, with a hint of dirt, making the cymbal sound twice the size that it is when hit hard on the edge. As for the bell, it is just like the rest of this fine instrument - perfectly balanced to not be too overwhelming or underwhelming.

22” Vintage Tribute Ride #2 - 2210g

The 22” “Vintage Tribute Ride #2” has a deep yet “hollow” stick sound accompanied by a mild cushion of highly musical dark wash. Stick definition varies amongst the multiple playing surfaces of the cymbal, allowing the player to explore further tonal options depending on how and where the cymbal is struck. The cymbal edge offers a clear and explosive crash which is easily distinguishable from the ride sound. Though the cymbal is light and can be easily crashed, the bell is particularly cutting with a good amount of definition.

22” Vintage Tribute Ride #3 - 2644g

For the player who wants a bit more out their ride cymbal but wants to keep true to that old world sound, the 22” “Vintage Tribute Ride #3” is an excellent choice. This cymbal retains the character and qualities of the other options in our “Vintage Tribute Collection”, but has more weight and a thicker sound. The cymbal features an almost complete spiral top lathing to tailor the sound and add an element of dark and metallic nuance to the cymbal that compliments its fairly deep tone. Though this cymbal weighs in higher than its brethren, it still retains a wonderfully musical crash sound that compliments the tonal characteristics of its ride sound. The added weight of this cymbal combined with the bell’s relatively low profile helps to give the bell a full and punchy tone.

22” “Vintage Tribute Ride #4” - 2328g

If you are looking for an all around true jazz ride, look no further. The 22” ‘Vintage Tribute Ride #4” Is light and shimmery in both psychical and tonal characteristics, with a perfect “golden ratio” of woody stick sound, and a round and warm wash. Under the hand the cymbal is responsive, providing a comfortable rebound with just enough “give”, so that the player never feels like the cymbal is out of their control. The 22” “Vintage Tribute Ride #4” disperses its sound into a punchy and colorful crash when struck on the edge, and collects itself at an optimal rate of decay so that you don’t lose your stick sound when returning to playing ride patterns. The bell of this cymbal offers a clear tone that slightly activates the body of the cymbal to keep the full sound of the cymbal moving forward as you play.

20” “Vintage Tribute Ride #5” - 1940g
Clear, and shimmery, but with an implied dark atmosphere, the 20” “Vintage Tribute Ride #5” is an exceptional cymbal for a player who wants a cymbal that sits above the music without being overpowering. The medium thin weight combined with the mostly unlathed top and fully lathed bottom creates a pointed stick definition that is paired with a deep spread. The cymbal’s crash quality is brassy and full when struck with the stick, while being round and warm when mallets are used to perform cymbal swells. The cymbal features a bell that is dry and pronounced, guaranteeing that complex bell patterns are not buried by any wash of the cymbal.

Those dream ride cymbals from your favorite be-bop records and iconic drummers are no longer just a fantasy, they are waiting for you at Badges Drum Shop.