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Order custom drums and special-order drums from the best brands in the business -- DW (Drum Workshop), Gretsch, Noble & Cooley, Canopus, Tama, and Ludwig through Badges Drum Shop, Cincinnati’s custom drum expert.

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  • EXPERIENCE. Most of the new drums Badges Drum Shop sells are custom and special-order drums. Drummers of all levels and budgets come to Badges to order custom drum sets, snare drums, and add-on drums.
  • ENTHUSIASM. Owner Charlie Andrews has a genuine love of drums and drummers, an incredible ear, an innate understanding of how to match gear to playing situations, a deep knowledge of all-things-drums, and an insistence on the best value and service for every sale big and small.
  • EXPERTISE. When you order your custom drums, you’ll work directly with Charlie who will guide you through specifying, pricing, and ordering your drums. You’ll talk about your goals for your drums, learn your options, select the right configuration and details for your needs and budget, then have your drums custom made expressly for you by your choice of the best drum makers in the world – DW (Drum Workshop), Ludwig, Canopus, Tama, Noble & Cooley, or Gretsch.


  • YOUR SOUND - YOUR LOOK: You’ll have the joy of playing a one-of-a-kind drum kit or snare drum custom built for you and you alone.
  • CUSTOM SPEC SESSION: You’ll work directly with Badges Drum Shop owner Charlie Andrews, drum gear aficionado who has ordered drums for many drummers and knows how to help you get what you want.
  • BEST VALUE: You’ll get the best price. Charlie makes sure won’t pay any more for a custom drum than if it was already built and sitting on our showroom floor.
  • FREE SHIPPING FOR OUT-OF-TOWN ORDERS: Anywhere in the continental US. Please email us your city and postal code for overseas quotes.
  • FREE SETUP AND TUNING FOR LOCAL ORDERS: If you’re picking the kit up here, Charlie will set it up and expertly tune it for free (unless you’d rather open the boxes and tune the drums yourself).
  • WARRANTY and SERVICE: Every custom drum comes with the manufacturer’s warranty and you’ll deal directly with Charlie who has a direct line to attentive reps in the event of any issues or questions.
  • THE BADGES BONUS: You’ll receive with your custom order two pairs of drum sticks (your choice), an exclusive Badges Drum Shop hat, and a lifetime lifeline to the shop owner for ordering add-on drums, changing drumheads, and getting the most out of your drums year after year in any playing situation.

Send us an email or call 513-972-8203 for a one-on-one Spec Session with Charlie at Badges, your local expert in helping you get your signature look and sound at the best value.



Custom cymbals Cincinnati, Ohio Order cymbals to your specifications

Looking for a specific sound or effect you hear in your head but can’t find in a stock cymbal? Looking to replicate the sound of someone else’s vintage cymbal or signature sound you admire?

In addition to a plethora of options from Bosphorus, Byrne, Diril, Meinl, Sabian, Paiste, Turkish, and Zildjian, we have access to thoroughly custom options from two of the best cymbal makers in the world – Bosphorus Cymbals and Byrne Cymbals – and would be honored to help you select the cymbal type, size, lathe, and features to achieve the sound and effect you’re after.

Call Charlie at 513-972-8203 to learn more.