Lesson Handbook


Your teacher's name _____________________________________
Your teacher's email address  _____________________________________
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Badges Drum Shop
117 West Main Street
Mason, OH 45040

Family Lounge located inside for families of younger students.

Parking available in rear plus there is street parking and a public lot within the same block.  


Timely payments cover your lessons and reserve your time slot. 

  • One-time $25 registration fee to Badges Drum Shop
  • Monthly lesson charge to be paid directly to your teacher no later than the first lesson of each month


Because some months consist of five months instead of four, make-up lessons for occasional absences and holidays are already built into the schedule for you. 

In order to keep excellent teachers, it is important to honor their time. Your lesson fee is for the time you reserve with your teacher as well as for the lesson itself. If you find it necessary to miss a lesson, your teacher must still be paid for that time slot. 

In the rare event your teacher must cancel a lesson, your teacher will contact you in advance and reimburse you for that lesson. 


Please be on time. Out of respect for the schedules of all the students whose lessons follow yours, we stop and end your lesson time per your scheduled time slot, even if you are late to your lesson. 


Supplied for you in the lesson room is a drum kit, snare, and cymbals for both you and your teacher. If needed, a practice pad will also be provided. You need to bring only a pair a drum sticks and any sheet music or lesson books specified by your teacher. 


Daily practice yields progress and confidence. Your teacher will outline a positive practice schedule that matches your level and goals.