Why drum lessons?

A word about drum lessons from Badges Drum Shop owner Charlie Andrews:
My purpose in offering lessons at Badges Drum Shop is to share with our community the gift of learning how to drum. Having benefitted greatly as a student from the personal growth, relationships, and musical experiences that resulted from my training, I believe it important to provide the community a learning environment. 
I started taking drum lessons at age 10, progressing in my school music ensembles while training privately with drummers in the Cincinnati area (one of these teaches at Badges Drum Shop). Drumming gave me the motivation to persevere through health challenges and the confidence to lead in my school music programs. By the time I was halfway through high school, I was playing all around town including weekly at the Blue Wisp Jazz Club in their student house band. My musical connections led to deep and lasting friendships and even earned me significant college scholarships. 
Mastering difficult rudiments, perfecting timing, and achieving limb independence require perseverance and build confidence. But more significant are the life skills drummers develop in learning how to collaborate, be part of a team, listen, and lead. It's important to note that in most contemporary musical groups it is the drummer who serves as the band leader, setting the tempo for the group to deliver on a shared musical goal. While in college, I spent a good deal of time studying the parallels between drumming and leadership and found a surprisingly-large volume of scholarly research on this very topic; in short, drummers who collaborate with others to make excellent music find themselves natural leaders and collaborators and innovators in life. 
It's a thrill to see a person young or old take drum lessons because I know it will enhance their life in some way. We look forward to being part of some great stories at Badges Drum Shop.