World Tour Rewards


In celebration of our first year in business and the amazing community of drummers who support us, Badges Drum Shop is currently offering these world travel rewards with any purchase of $250 or more in our local store.

$250-$499 $100 Hotel Savings Card
$500-$749 $200 Hotel Savings Card
$750-$999 $300 Hotel Savings Card

3-night Vacation Voucher ~$600 value

(15 choices include locations like Chicago, Orlando, Miami, Las Vegas, Gatlinburg, Atlantic City, New Orleans and more)


5-night Vacation Voucher ~$1500 value

(35 choices include locations like Paris, Waikiki, Sydney, Bali, Cancun, Athens, Rio de Janeiro, Venice, Rome, and more)

No kidding.

Why do we give travel rewards?

As your local drum shop, we know -- 1) music makes our world smaller and richer by bringing cultures together, and 2) musicians don't take nearly enough vacations because they spend their money on gear. We want you to have both -- great gear and a chance to travel -- so we sought out a way to make this possible. 

How do we do it? 

We pay monthly dues to an exclusive travel service that gives us the option to reward our customers with hotel savings and trips. We treat this as an advertising cost, but get to spend the money on our customers instead of on traditional advertising.

How does it work?

We email you a Hotel Savings Card or Vacation Certificate that you activate online. 

  • Hotel Savings Cards work like cash in paying down the cost of a hotel or car rental at over 1,000,000 Hotels and Resorts worldwide including name brands like Hilton, Marriott, Ritz Carlton, Holiday Inn, Hyatt, Hampton, Ramada, Four Seasons, plus Avis, Alamo, Budget, Enterprise, National, and more. There is no cost or fee to use your card. When you activate it, you search by location to see a real-time comparison of the public rates on Travelocity, Expedia, Orbitz, Hotwire, etc. (these rates include taxes, so you can compare the true cost). Savings are displayed for each search result with the greatest savings displayed first. Choose your savings, place your reservation, and the savings will be deducted from your balance.
  • Vacation Certificates cover the hotel room cost of 3 nights or 5 nights at specific locations in the US and around the world. These are real, quality hotels and resorts. The average value ranges from $600 for a 3-night stay to $1,500 for a 5-night stay. When you log-in to activate your voucher, you can change the location to one that suits you or your dates best. Besides your transportation, food, and the standard hotel fees/taxes every traveler pays (usually $10-$30 per night). Once you activate your vacation and pay the hotel fees/taxes, you have 18 months to travel. Just make sure to activate before the 7 day activation deadline and book your trip at least 30 days before you travel so you don't lose your trip!

Is there a catch or a sales pitch required? 

Nope. While there may be optional upgrades or memberships offered to you, you are under zero pressure to do anything other than simply take your trip and enjoy it. Just say no to any services you don't want. The World Tour Rewards program is intended to be a valuable gift to Badges Drum Shop customers, no strings attached. 

How many World Tour Rewards can I get? 

You can receive one vacation per year and earn Hotel Savings Cards every time you spend the listed amounts at Badges Drum Shop as long as we are running the offer. 

What are the locations?

There are 50 locations available at this time (more to come):

Argentina – Buenos Aries

Russia – Moscow

Australia – Brisbane

South Africa – Cape Town

Australia – Gold Coast

Spain – Barcelona

Australia – Melbourne

Spain – Tenerife

Australia – Sydney

Sweden – Stockholm

Austria – Vienna

Thailand – Bangkok

Brazil – Rio De Janeiro

Thailand – Koh Samui

Canada – Toronto

Thailand – Phuket

Columbia – Cartagena

Turkey – Bodrum

Columbia – Medellin

Turkey – Istanbul

Dominican Rep. – Punta Cana

United Arab Emirates - Dubai


United States – Atlanta

France – Paris

United States - Atlantic City

Greece – Athens

United States – Branson

Hungary – Budapest

United States – Chicago

India – Goa

United States - Daytona Beach

Indonesia – Bali

United States - Gatlinburg

Israel – Jerusalem

United States – Hawaii

Italy – Rome

United States - Las Vegas

Italy – Venice

United States - Miami

Mexico -Cancun

United States - Myrtle Beach

Mexico – Mazatlan

United States - New Orleans

Mexico – Puerto Vallarta

United States – Orlando

New Zealand - Christschurch

United States - San Antonio

Philippines – Boracay

United States - San Diego

I already spent this much at Badges Drum Shop. Can I get the rewards retroactively? 

Absolutely. You have been instrumental in getting us to this point. Simply show us a receipt or credit card statement for a qualified purchase, and we'll send you the savings card or voucher as long as we are running the offer. 

This is real. We really love our customers, we're really giving World Tour Rewards, so you really can start packing your bags.