Big Fat Snare Drum 14” XL Donut

Big Fat Snare Drum 14” XL Donut

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The Original Big Fat Snare Drum Dampener
  • The Big Fat Snare Drum was engineered to effortlessly transform any snare drum into your very own vintage, beefy, thumpy '70s-inspired big fat snare drum
  • Unlike gels and tape, the Big Fat Snare Drum lowers the fundamental pitch of the drum without any of the hassle
  • Simply place this skin on top of your existing snare head, the custom blend of patent pending rubber and plastic instantly facelifts your medium to high-pitched tuned snare drum and delivers that sought after, authentic, deep and warm tone
  • Equipped with a thumb cut out for quick removal, a rubberized gasket for weight, balance and stability, the Big Fat Snare Drum was designed for the drummer’s convenience and makes it easier than ever to achieve that signature sound with no need to retune or bring a second drum
  • Two sizes: 14" and 16"