Canopus R.F.M. Maple Club Kit

Canopus R.F.M. Maple Club Kit

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Rich sound from a compact drum set

AVAILABLE FOR SPECIAL ORDER. We have one of these kits in the shop that currently serves as our cymbal room demo kit. Come try it. Once you do, you'll understand how special a kit this is - beautiful and compact with a huge sound. Call to order a kit just like ours or spec your own. 

The Club Kit was the first series Canopus introduced, and it later became the foundation of the current R.F.M. series. The Club Kit is characterized by the 15 inch bass drum -- the smallest size that allows the use of a bass drum beater. 

Although a 15 inch drum is usually only considered for a tom-tom, Canopus succeeded in gaining a surprisingly rich and low bass drum sound. People trying the Club Kit for the first time are impressed by the rich sound from its compact size.

To achieve the rich sound on such a small drum, Canopus used a standard tom-tom head. The difference between the bass drum head and the tom-tom head is the shape of the collar. On a 15 inch head, a standard bass drum collar is much too strong. It absorbs the energy on the head and even muffles the drums natural resonance. After comparing a bass drum style head with a standard tom tom head, Canopus found the latter to be much more resonant on such a small shell. This is a small example of the attention to detail that Canopus brings to the table. Rather than relying on simple theory or common sense, they take the time to ensure their products achieve the ideal sound.

  • 12x15BD / 7x10TT / 12x13FT
  • Single tom holder
  • Finish: Bitter Brown with brass hardware (available in other finishes)