NEW Bosphorus 20" Custom Ride Cymbal - 1710g

NEW Bosphorus 20" Custom Ride Cymbal - 1710g

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NEW Bosphorus 20" Custom Ride Cymbal

  • Brand New Cymbal. Black Pearl Lathing Top, New Orleans Lathing Bottom, Extraoverhammered. Small Masters Bell. Paper Thin weight allows for quick, trashy, and explosive crashes, while the cymbals lathing combination provides a clear and dry stick sound. Perfect for uptempo playing in a bop situation.
  • 1710g.
  • New cymbals are on display in our showroom. Cymbals may show fingerprints or stick marks from being occasionally tested & demoed with care.
  • *Bosphorus Cymbals are handmade in the old-world style of cymbal smithing by a small operation of master artisans in Istanbul Turkey. Due to the handmade nature of these cymbals, evidence of the smithing, hammering, and lathing process can be found on cymbals which include but are not limited to natural “scratches” on Turk style & unlathed cymbals. These are not blemishes but rather part of the finished product.

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