Noble and Cooley Alloy Classic 6"x14" Snare Drum

Noble and Cooley Alloy Classic 6"x14" Snare Drum

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One of Noble and Cooley's most popular products, the versatile Alloy Classic Snare is owned and used regularly by some of the biggest names in the drum world.

Material: Built of cast aluminum, as opposed to rolled sheet metal or sliced from tubing, to give the drum a porous shell, resulting in denser sound. By tuning the heads high, the drum still maintains the "crack" or "pop" of a metal drum, while looser tunings give way to the warmness more commonly associated with a wood shell.

Hardware: Uses the famous N&C brass throw-off and patented cam action snares. The lugs are low-mass brass tube style lugs, and the rims are triple flanged with die cast as an option. The hardware is either chrome or black chrome.

Consistency: The Alloy Classic shell is machined after casting. The bearing edge and shell dimensions are kept to a tight tolerance, while lathing and CNC machining produce a drum of incredible consistency.

Size: 6" x 14" 

Finish: Black with black hardware

Demo model. May show some stick marks and/or fingerprints but in otherwise new condition.