Timber Hard Brass Mallets

Timber Hard Brass Mallets

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  • MADE IN THE U. S. A. - The Timber Drum Company is a small shop dedicated to crafting American-made instruments. The brass bell mallets with solid birch handles have a natural feel in hand with nice balance. The brass head gives a bright tone with a defined attack. They can be used for Bells, Crotales, Glockenspiel and for special effects where a metallic sound is desired. Sold in pairs.
  • NATURAL BIRCH WOODEN HANDLES - offer Durable & Comfortable Grip (5/16" Diameter)
  • SOLID BRASS MALLET HEAD - For Bright Clear Attack when Playing Orchestra Bells, Bell Tree, Crotales and Special Effects - NOTE: Not for Use on Wood Instruments like Marimba or Wood Block as the Hard Brass Head will Damage the Wood
  • PROFESSIONAL SIZE AND LENGTH - 15-3/4-inches Overall length, 5/8-inch Diameter Brass Mallet Head
  • SOLD AS A PAIR - (2 Mallets Per Order)

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