Meinl Cymbal Tour 2019 at Badges Drum Shop

Meinl Cymbal Tour 2019 - August 24 through September 14

Badges Drum Shop is proud to participate in the Meinl Cymbal Tour 2019. This three-week tour will add 50 cymbals to our wide selection of cymbals.

There are treasures here for every taste and budget. Hand-selected by Meinl for Badges Drum Shop customers, the collection is priced from $79.99 for a 12" Dark Trash Splash to $899.99 for a Prototype Byzance 28" Big Apple Dark Ride (yes, you read that correctly - that's twenty-eight whopping inches) and everything in between. 14 of the 50 cymbals are one-of-a-kind prototypes. 

This unique and stunning collection of cymbals is available at our shop and on our website for a limited time, so please tell your friends. 

See you soon -

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