Consign Your Gear

Consign Sell Used Vintage Drums Badges Drum Shop Cincinnati
Have vintage or classic used drum gear to sell? Badges Drum Shop accepts marketable drum kits, snare drums, and cymbals on a consignment basis as space is available. No tricks, just a fair deal that lets you avoid the hassle of Craigslist or eBay and leaves room for us to make a reasonable profit in exchange for our showroom space and our time to display, photograph, list, sell, pack, and ship the products. 
Email us at, providing your desired price with description (brand, line, vintage, new/used status) and clear photographs that show all angles and any scratches, marks, burns, and wear that affect the value. We'll let you know if we have room for your gear and will send you consignment details if we do. 
Please don't be offended if we cannot consign your gear. Our ability to accept consignment items depends not only on marketability of item to our customers but also space available for inventory and quantity of similar items we have in stock and on order. 
For items sold on consignment Badges Drum Shop will take 30% of selling price. Prices are set based on current market value for consigned items.
Please note that we do not accept or deal in trades on new or consigned gear.
Items we cannot except for consignment:
- Non Functioning/Poor Condition Items
- Entry Level Drums, Snares, Cymbals
- Hand drums and percussion (with the exception of vintage hand drums and percussion – pre 1980)
- Hardware/Pedals (Exception for good condition vintage hardware and pedals - pre 1980), Bags/Cases, Heads/Sticks (New or Used)



  • Help you price it
  • Photograph it, showing all relevant details
  • Write a description for it
  • Price out the shipping based on package weight and dimensions
  • List it on Shopify
  • List it on Reverb
  • Feature it on social media pages and in private groups 
  • Display it in my shop, moving it from time to time to keep it interesting
  • Pitch and demo it to people coming into the shop
  • Take calls and negotiate with people online, screening for fake offers and rejecting trades and lowball offers 
  • Negotiate with you in the case of a fair offer
  • For online sales, pack and ship and insure the item 
  • Provide packing materials
  • Pay Shopify and Reverb selling fees of 3.5% and 6.7%
  • Collect and report sales tax
  • Write you a check and call you to pick it up