Brass Lasagna Humpback Hoop Crasher
Brass Lasagna

Brass Lasagna Humpback Hoop Crasher

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Brass Lasagna Humpback Hoop Crasher

  • New Percussion Product.
  • Details & Notes: Local handmade percussion straight from Cincinnati. Crafted from recycled cymbals, hand hammered, and artfully sculpted into a truly raw instrument. The Humpback hoop crasher stands out from other hoop crashers on the market with a wider, raised section that produces an ambient and industrial tone when struck. Tones vary widely based on striking position allowing for sonic exploration. Rivets and chains add extra "hiss" to your industrial backbeats.
  • *New percussion products are on display in our showroom. Items may show fingerprints or stick marks from being occasionally tested and demoed with care*

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