Sticks & Mallets

Drum sticks at Badges Drum Shop Cincinnati Ohio

Badges Drum Shop is honored to carry Vic Firth, VaterMeinl Stick & Brush, Wincent, and Promark drumsticks.

Sticks, mallets, and brushes are available for in-store purchase only. Some essential drumsticks, brushes, mallets, and alternative sound sources we commonly stock include but are not limited to:

Vic Firth American Classic drumsticks
Vic Firth American Heritage drumsticks
Vic Firth American Custom drumsticks
Vic Firth American Jazz drumsticks
Vic Firth American Concept drumsticks
Vic Firth Modern Jazz drumsticks
Vic Firth Signature drumsticks
Vic Firth brushes, rods, and drum set mallets

Vater Classic drumsticks
Vater Recording drumsticks
Vater Swing drumsticks
Vater New Orleans Jazz drumsticks
Vater Session drumsticks
Vater West Side drumsticks

Meinl Stick & Brush Standard drumsticks
Meinl Stick & Brush Hybrid drumsticks
Meinl Stick & Brush Concert drumsticks
Meinl Stick & Brush Big Apple drumsticks
Meinl Stick & Brush Signature drumsticks
Meinl Stick & Brush brushes, rods, and drum set mallets

Promark Classic drumsticks
Promark Firegrain drumsticks
Promark Activegrip drumsticks
Promark Signature drumsticks
Promark brushes, rods, and drum set mallets

Wincent Jazz drumsticks
Wincent Standard drumsticks
Wincent Brushes and Mallets

For questions about in-stock drumsticks, please call us at 513-972-8203 or contact us at