Love Letter to Drum Shops and the Drummers Who Support Us

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Love Letter to Drum Shops and the Drummers Who Support Us
Plus a chance to win a Gretsch snare (see below)!

Dear Friends -

This November 23 (quite appropriately, Thanksgiving Day) marks the Five Year Anniversary of Badges Drum Shop which is to me a celebration of the community of drum shops and the drummers who support us -- a community bound by love of instrument and those who play it.

The love is real, so this is an unapologetically sappy love letter to all of you.

There is in this little industry of independent drum shops a spirit and camaraderie that is unique. Drum shop owners root for one another and celebrate one another's successes. Our customers tend to support all of us, binding us together with heartfelt support and passionate conversations about music and gear.

Perhaps this kinship stems from understanding by conventional wisdom drum shops shouldn't exist. Business minds that don't understand us would say we’re destined to fail under the shadow of online giants, big box stores, and pandemics. What keeps us here? It is love – a heart for matchmaking drums with drummers who steadfastly support little shops like Badges Drum Shop all over the country.

Or perhaps it’s from being drummers ourselves – musicians who by nature serve in the background instead of center stage. Most of us have never been among the 1% who athletically solo in the spotlight; we are beatmakers anonymously delivering solid tempo or subtle brush or percussive color for the music and those who come to listen. Maybe that spirit of servitude flows into our shops. More love.

Or maybe it’s nostalgia. Like most drummers I entered the community as a kid, saving my money and asking my parents to drive me to Columbus Percussion two hours away. I’d spend hours watching drummers, asking questions, and feeling appreciated for my small purchases. When I later as a college student lived in Nashville, I took my long visits and small purchases to Fork’s Drum Closet where I received the same warm welcome that didn’t seem separate but connected to the one I had received in Columbus years before.

When I opened my own shop I felt it again as I was generously welcomed to the business by the owners of archetypal shops like Revival Drum Shop and Nelson Drum Shop. It meant the world to me, and that fellowship grew as I learned other shop owners (there are about 70 of us, so too many to list but please check them out) are similarly selfless people who treat each other like they treat customers – like beloved family.

And what a thrill to see that community manifest itself in my new shop with customers who quickly became dear friends – local drummers who go out of your way to shop with me, consign with me, advise me, and encourage me…and far away drummers who support me online and make a point to visit when you come through town. One of my shop friends even drove from New York to play at my wedding. I love my customers, not just because of what you’ve helped me build here but because of who you are to each other – drumming brothers and sisters who pass along opportunities, swap gear, share tips, and lend encouragement.

Speaking of encouragement, it’s been a dream to connect here over the last five years with drumming heroes who have blessed our community – master touring drummers, esteemed professionals, revered educators, and studio pros – whose names we know but who came alongside us to guide, advise, teach, and just nerd out about drums. And every week, I have some of the most beloved drummers in town teaching wonderful students right here in my shop, sharing what they love.

And I can't forget the physical product glue of this community -- top tier gear makers who allow me the honor of offering products I love and trust -- DW, Dunnett, George Way, Gretsch, Latin Percussion, Ludwig, Noble & Cooley, PDP; Bosphorus, Borba, Byrne, Funch, Istanbul Agop, Meinl, Paiste, Sabian, Turkish, Zildjian; Big Bang Distribution (Big Fat Snare Drum, Tackle Instrument Supply); Hal Leonard (Gibraltar, Gretsch Catalina/Renown); Baldman Percussion, Blue Zurich, Brass Lasagna, Canopus, DragonFly Percussion, DrumGees, DrumMantra Books, Evans, GonBops, GruvX, Kick Muffle, Low Boy, José Medeles Books, Morgenstein Tool, Promark, Remo, Roots EQ, SnareWeight, Suds Shakers, TreeWorks, True Vibe, Vater, Vic Firth. I am like a kid on Christmas every time a box comes in the door.

Bottom line, this shop is more than a retail establishment to me; it is my pride and joy and I can’t thank you enough for giving me five years to be here with you all.

Much love -

* * *

Gretsch USA Solid Aluminum 6.5x14 Snare
with added Batter Side Tone Control
Valued at over $900

I opened Badges Drum Shop with the dream of serving a little corner of the drumming community, never imagining such friendship and support. I can’t thank you enough, but I’d like to try so it seems only fitting to give away a great drum.

What do we love about this drum? Gretsch has been a cornerstone brand of Badges Drum Shop since Day One and this drum captures why. Its tonal properties are exceptional with dry, focused attack and minimal overtones. The beautiful gleaming shell wears the classic Gretsch knurling pattern and a light coat of lacquer. Essential features like Lightning throw-off, top and bottom die-cast hoops, 'Snap-In' key holder, Permatone coated top head, 42-Strand snare wires, plus the Batter Side Tone Control (added just for you) make it endlessly versatile and satisfying. Made perfect by our friends at Gretsch.

To enter, either stop in the shop and sign the email registry or send an email to with the subject line ANNIVERSARY and providing your name, address, and phone number in the body of the email.

We’ll draw a name and announce the winner on November 24!

I'm grateful for your friendship, your music, and your support!

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