Statement from Badges Drum Shop regarding shop plans and practices during virus concerns
There is no community like this drumming community and Badges Drum Shop is here to serve you and your musical pursuits while working to keep you safe. 

As long as permitted to stay open, Badges Drum Shop will do so, taking the following precautions to make the shop the safest possible shopping and learning environment:
  • disinfecting the counter and all door handles daily
  • placing hand sanitizer at the counter 
  • recommending you bring your own drumsticks to test drums and cymbals
  • insisting our instructors wash hands before and after each lesson
  • recommending students bring their own drumsticks and wash hands before and after lessons
  • requesting anyone who is well but feeling afraid to visit allow us to offer you curbside service by calling 513-972-8203 to place your order and picking up merchandise in our loading zone in front of the shop
  • requesting anyone feeling sick, or who has recently traveled internationally, or who has been in contact with anyone sick refrain from visiting, ordering product via our website at or our Reverb shop at
In the event retail shops are asked to by the government to eliminate on site shopping, Badges Drum Shop will continue to serve you via:
  • As permitted, curbside service, taking orders by phone during business hours at 513-972-8203 and allowing for merchandise pick-up in the loading zone in front of the shop
  • Online service, fulfilling online orders placed through our website at or our Reverb shop at
Of course, we will make changes as required. Please email or call 513-972-8203 with any concerns or questions. Otherwise, please take this time as a gift of time to visit safely, to practice, to listen to good music, to connect with friends and family, to breathe, and to pray and plan for healing and better days sure to come. 

Grateful -
Charlie Andrews
Owner, Badges Drum Shop

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